Oriental Cuisine Diplomat

Oriental Cuisine Course

Start on May 29, 2019

100% practical

Aimed at:

Students, professionals of the food industry, and people in general who are passionate about the oriental flavors in food, and are willing to learn the culinary techniques through habits, beverages, ingredients and utensils; all of this led by  chefs who have had a direct approach with this culture through their personal experience.

General content:

  • Introduction to Asian Cuisine.
  • Utensils.
  • Cooking methods.
  • Cutting techniques.
  • Palette of flavors in each country.
  • Traditional cuisine.
  • Traditional beverages.
  • The world of curry.
  • Japanese cuisine.
  • Corean cuisine.
  • Cuisine of Southeast Asia: Vietnam, Thailand.

6 weeks – 12 sessions

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Phone: (664) 622-9034.