Sommelier Diplomat

Sommelier Diplomat

Start on March 25, 2019

With the objective of develop the abilities that will lead you to appreciate end enjoy wine with all your senses, knowing its origin, process of vinification, and storing it safely. Starting with the methodology of wine tasting, winespeak of tasting, harmony with food, and service; going through the route of wine, all in order to acquire an integral enologic formation that will give you all the necessary tools to be able to access to a position in the wine industry field, as a sommelier, person in charge of the wine cellar, or the winery, in wine stores, among other.

Directed to:
Students, professionals, collaborators in the hospitality industry, wineries, restaurants; and people who desire to increase, update or improve their knowledge of the wine culture.

General content:

  • Wine appreciation.
  • Methodology of wine tasting.
  • Cycle of the vine.
  • Wine types.
  • Winemaking
  • Wines of the Old and New World.
  • Denominations of Origin
  • Harmony with food.
  • Cheese world.
  • Mixology
  • Beer
  • Liquors, destilates.
  • Cigars
  • Tea and infusions.
  • Waters
  • Coffee

Some of our teachers:
PhD. Juan Antonio Ramírez, Jorge Gómez, PhD. Demetrio Landeros, Marco Antonio Amador, Valente García, Claudia Horta, Ana Ley, Romina Mendoza, PhD. Homero Fuentes.
Camilo Magoni, Eduardo Córdova
Bar and Mixology
Irving González
Brewers Specialists
Sergio Michelle López, Javier Albarrán
Coffee Specialists
Alberto Song
Tea Specialists
Salvador Sosa

1 year / 3 four month periods, one class per week.
Visit to wineries in Valle de Guadalupe, once a month.

Admission requirements

  • Registration form
  • Copy of the required documents: identification document, and address warrant
  • Inscription fee

For additional information please contact:
Phone: (664) 622-9034.