Oriental Cuisine Diplomat

Oriental Cuisine Diplomat

Start on May 29, 2019

100% practical

Directed to:

Students, professionals of the food industry, and people in general who are passionate of the oriental flavors of food, willing to learn the culinary techniques through the customs, beverages, ingredients, utensils; all this leaded by the hand of chefs who have had a direct approach with this culture through their personal experience.

General content:

  • Introduction to Asiatic Cuisine.
  • Utensils.
  • Cooking methods.
  • Cutting techniques.
  • Palette of flavors in each country.
  • Traditional cuisine.
  • Traditional beverages.
  • The world of curry.
  • Japanese cuisine.
  • Corean cuisine.
  • Cuisine of Asiatic southeast: Vietnam, Thailand.

6 weeks – 12 sessions

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Phone: (664) 622-9034.