Master’s Degree in Mexican Cuisine

Master’s Degree in Mexican Cuisine


First Master’s Degree in Mexican Cuisine in Mexico and Latin America.

Leading by the hand of experts in the field, and traditional cooks, live the history and culture through the kitchens of our Mexico.

Today the industry of Hospitality and Food and Beverages, is requiring professionals in the kitchen with ample knowledge, both theorical and practical, and proficiency in analysis and development, together with knowledge of history, anthropology, among others; thus positioning them in a platform of research, rescue, divulgation and promotion, as real actors of our cuisine.

This way, professionals of culinary art will find, through our Master Degree Program, an interesting area of opportunity to learn and complement their formation.

2 years
3 classroom days per month, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday
The rest remotely through our platform.
Theoretical 55%
Practical 45%

Admission requirements

  • College Degree
  • Admission exam
  • Personal interview

Personalized exam
You choose the day and time more convenient for you.

Academic Plan
1. Traditional Mexican cuisine
2. The cornfield: Mesoamerican triad: corn, beans and squash.
3. Natural Resources: Chiles, mushrooms, quelites, herbs and animals.
4. Pre-hispanic cuisine: The Conquest, and the New Spain.
5. Cuisine of Independent Mexico all through the XXI century.
6. Baja California, and Baja California Sur.
7. North Pacific Region, Northern highlands and the Huasteca.
8. Northern Gulf and Central Pacific regions.
9. Central Highlands.
10. Central Gulf, Southern Pacific, and Southern Highlands.
11. Southern Gulf, Yucatan Peninsula and Mexico City.
12. Gastronimic Sample.

Entry Profile
Basic knowledge of cooking.
Interpretation of recipes.
Basic knowledge of the culture and the social context of Mexico.
Ability to apply the method of documental research.
Ability to issue critically founded judgements.
Attitud of service towards society and institutions.


Exit profile
Promoter of the Kitchens of Mexico, globally and by regions.
Consultancy and Advisory in the Kitchens of Mexico.
Gastronomic Critic.
Designer of specialized menus in the Kitchens of Mexico.